Gift Certificates
How to Order a Gift Certificate
Buy your gift certificate for the exact amount you want to spend by putting the number of dollars
in the
Quantity box on the PayPal Order Summary Page and click Update - it will be multiplied by
$1.00 Item Price.

To avoid confusion please buy each certificate separately.

1)        Leave the name of the person the certificate is for.
2)        Leave the name of the person the certificate is from.
3)        Certificates will be numbered; the owner of the certificate will have to present the number
to        to order what they want.
4)        All information will go through my personal email rather than the website once
the                                certificate is purchased.
5)        Certificates will be honored up to one year from date of purchase.
6)        Once purchased certificate will be filled out and emailed to buyer to present to recipient.

Gift Certificates may be used for:

In Person Readings
Email Readings
Phone Readings
Past Life Regression
Gallery Readings
Trance Sessions
Astrology Charts
Any Services Available at Voice of Spirit