Gift Readings
How to Order a Gift Certificate
Presented to:

Gift From:

For: ______________ email reading with Pamla Ashlay-McPherson (value $____)
(Type of reading)

Gift Certificate Number: ___________________
            (Must accompany order)

This email reading gift certificate is being sent to you this holiday season.
Your reading will be done as soon as I receive the following information*
(You will be sent a specific request from Pamla)

Please forward the information along with the gift certificate number to:

*each type of reading may require different information
You may order a gift certificate for any email reading at any time. Just pay for the reading and put
the person’s name and email address in the Note To Pamla drop down box on the payment page or
send it to  and the gift certificate will be emailed to your family member
or friend.
They will receive the email reading gift certificate, along with instructions to proceed. Readings will
take one to seven days depending on demand. Pamla reserves the right to refuse any order. If a
reading is refused a complete refund will be made. Thank you for your interest.

Gift Certificate from the Voice of Spirit
Happy Holidays