has been working with the Spirit World since the age of four. She started reading for other people at
the young age of fifteen. By the age of twenty-four, Pamla founded The Institute of Metaphysical
Sciences in Minneapolis, Minnesota and successfully taught Psychic Development & Spiritual
Awareness through the IMS until 1996. Pamla worked for 23 Police Departments in the State of
Minnesota for several years and is Nationally and Internationally known.

Ms. Ashlay-McPherson has left a seventeen year Ministry to pursue her desire to reach more
people with the understanding that life has much more to offer than what is experienced by the five
senses. Living on three beautiful acres with her husband James, Pamla now offers her insight to
those who are seeking beyond this physical world
Pamla Ashlay-McPherson
Voice of Spirit
will offer a variety of classes, workshops, private readings, trance sessions and much more. Watch
this site for updates and scheduled events.
About Pamla