The Age of Oneness

The Age of Oneness – A Michael Book
One day Pamla’s former husband, Bruce asked Pamla’s spirit teacher, Michael if there were certain
ages that all people of the Earth experience an opportunity to open their Spiritual Awareness.
Michael began to explain to Bruce that there are two kinds of people on the Earth, the livers and the
existers. The livers live their Spirituality and the existers merely exist in life experiencing the material

Michael explained that most people shut down their spirit to its world at the age of five. There is an
opportunity to open it again at the age of 11-13 or as the child enters puberty. If the opportunity is
not taken, one must wait until 17, 21, 30 and so forth. Michael describes what life is like for those
who choose to open to their spirit and for those who do not.

The entire book is the actual dialog between Bruce and Michael. As you read the dialog you will see
your own life and the lives of others following the patterns set forth in the book. Is it too late for
you? Order
The Age of Oneness- A Michael Book today at to find out.

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The Age of Oneness
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