The Miracle of the I Am

The Miracle of the I Am
This may be a very small book, but it carries a very large message. At the age of 24 Pamla had her
first near death experience. At the time, she was shown that God is a creative energy force, all
knowing, that thinks. This God was made up of concepts, 13 of them, but did not know what it
was. So, God took portions of itself, called them Spirit, and made an agreement with them to go
forth and experience one of its concepts. God said, “because I have free will and you are a part of
me, you too have free will, therefore you choose where, when, how, and with whom you want to
experience my concept. You only have to do one thing, keep my concept in perfect balance.”

Many Spirits came upon the Earth at different times to experience God’s concepts and attempted to
keep them in perfect balance. Thirteen Spirits accomplished just that and became what is now
known as The Christ Consciousness, a level of consciousness, not a man. These 13 also were a part
of starting the 13 world religions. Learn what the concept are and the 13 that held them in the most
perfect balance throughout their lives on Earth.

This book is a channeling of the thirteen parts of the Christ Consciousness, who were asked to
address the issue of world peace. Each responds to the question from their point of view, leaving life
lessons for all of us to follow.

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The Miracle of the I Am
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