The Soul Book

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The Soul Book
Pamla lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the time this book was written. At the time she was
working for 23 police departments and was in the newspaper, on radio and television often. Pamla
was founder/owner of the Institute of Metaphysical Sciences at the time and teaching Psychic
Development & Spiritual Awareness Classes. She was contacted by a sports reporter, who asked
her to predict an upcoming game, which he published in the Tribune.

He became very interested in Pamla’s work and how she did it. He spent a great deal of time at her
home. One day he said, “I have a hundred questions for the Spirit World!” The project for
Soul Book
began. Pamla went into a trance state and the reporter asked her teacher in spirit his

After much editing in order to put all of the material into an understandable and simple form, the
book was completed.
The Soul Book answers a lot of the questions we all have about the spirit
world and the workings of this “psychic gift/talent.”

We have all wondered:
*Did I choose this life before I was born?
*What happens when we die?
*What if someone commits suicide?
*Do we become all knowing after we die?
*How does the spirit world communicate with the earth?
*What does it mean to read an aura?
*What are earth bound spirits? Are they evil? Can they harm us?
*and much, much more…….

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