Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom – Volumes 1-3
Pamla believes that once you understand the workings of the universe and how to communicate with
those on other levels of consciousness, there is no information you can not access. She chose to
prove this by asking her spirit teachers to bring forth many different personalities from Sprit so that
her students could ask them questions.

This was their way of testing the Sprit World. They asked questions that Pamla herself did not
know the answers too. Pamla is a full sleep trance medium and was herself on a mission to prove the
continuity of life. One of her students transcribed the sessions and they were placed into
Words of
. All three volumes are bound into one notebook for ease in reading.

The wisdom contained in these volumes is timeless. These are volumes that you will read again and
again, for each time you read them they speak to you in a different way. This is a continuous
learning experience that will keep your interest for a very long time.

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Words of Wisdom
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