Pamla offers a variety of Email Readings - all available for purchase online.
Voice of Spirit

I am now available to do email readings for individuals. With our busy schedules today, it is not
always possible to make time for a personal reading. I do not need to be in the presence of the
person to do a reading on them.
I do need your name however; as I work off of the vibration of
your name
. There are a few important things you will want to understand before ordering your
email reading:

1.        No psychic can ever be 100% accurate due to free will.
All futures are probable based on existing circumstances and subject to change if you
change the circumstances, therefore if you are not comfortable with what you are reading, change it.
 I will not prescribe or diagnose, however I may get information from your Spirit Doctor
or my own medical intuitiveness. This information is just that information and should be used in
conjunction with your medical professionals, whose advice should always be final.
4.        Because
I work off of the vibration of names, if you give me a false name or other
information, you will receive a false reading. Every name has a vibration; therefore, even giving a
name of a non-existent person in your reality could produce a reading.
5.        Readings are for entertainment purposes and are not given to guide or lead your life in any
It is up to the individual to make decisions for themselves. Readings will give insights that
may be useful in making those decisions.
6.        A good psychic will not invade another person’s space, therefore,
permission must be
before a reading can be done. Do not ask for a reading on another person without their
7.        If you are asking a question about another person in your life, such as a child,
please give
their first name and relationship to you
. This is important as some people have two or more
persons in their life with the same name.
8.        I ask my guides to give me the highest and greatest good for all concerned and what is needed
at this time, therefore, you may not always hear exactly what you are looking for without asking a
direct question.
9.        It is important to
never get dependent on a psychic; therefore your readings may be
limited at any time I believe such a dependency is developing.
10.      Readings will normally take
1-7 Business Days, depending upon demand.

Introductory Reading Special: This reading is for those who have never had a reading
from Pamla before. You can ask your three questions for only $30. You must leave your
name in the note to Pamla, along with your 3 questions on the receipt of payment page.
Pamla works from name vibrations, therefore, if asking about another person, please leave
their name also and relationship to you.  Cost: $30

Full Email Reading:  This reading will cover the following areas of your life: What does
this person need to know in their life right now; Health; Education; Relationships; Career;
Finances; Travel; Thought Force; Emotional Well Being; Spirituality; your Aura; some
Messages from the Spirit World. This is a general reading, which allows you to ask up to 3
specific questions as well.  Cost: $80

***Write questions and information in 'Note to Pamla' on the Review Payment Page***

New Year Predictions 2015 Reading:  This reading will tell your future health, job,
relationship, and financial outlooks for 2015, as well as any bumps in the road or exciting
things on the path. New Year Predictions will only be available until Dec 31.                        
( Special thru Dec 31st  - Cost: $40 )

Follow – Up Reading: This reading is a follow-up to a full reading and must be order
within 10 days of the initial full reading. This reading allows you to ask 3 additional
question regarding information in the full reading for further clarification, without paying
for a full reading again.  Cost: $30

***Write questions in 'Note to Pamla' on the Review Payment Page***

Six Month Check Up Reading: This reading is for those who just want a quick check up
on what’s going to happen in the near future with their Career/job, Primary Relationship
(must have first name of other person), Health, and Finances. You are even allowed to ask
that one important question that is on your mind today. Cost: $40

***Write question + name of relation in 'Note to Pamla' on the Review Payment Page***

OneQuestion Reading: Many of you have told me you only have one or two questions
and don’t see that option. Well, here it is.You can ask any number of questions for just $10
per question. Each question must ask only one thing, not many  (Example: Will I get the
job I applied for; if not what will happen; should I look else where; will I be happy if I get
this job, etc.) Remember, if you are asking about another person I need their first name and
relationship to you to make sure I am getting the correct information. Mark quantity for
the # of questions and leave the questions in 'Note to Pamla.' Cost: $10

***Write question(s) in 'Note to Pamla' on the Review Payment Page***

Five Question Reading: This is the reading for those of you who just want to ask up to
five questions and that’s all you want to know. Your questions must be specific questions,
as general areas of your life are covered only in a full reading. Remember if you are asking
about a person in your life I need to know their first name and relationship to you.      
Cost: $45

***Write questions in 'Note to Pamla' on the Review Payment Page***

The Seven Keys to the Universe Reading: There are seven keys to the universe that
each of us must acquire within our lifetime. Each key unlocks a universal truth that
progresses us along our path. This reading will tell you what the seven keys are; how many
you currently have; which one you are currently working to acquire; how well you are
doing in acquiring it; and suggestions from your spirit teachers and guides on how to
improve your ability to get it.   Cost: $40

The Seven Flames of the Soul Reading: There are also seven flames to the soul that
each of us must acquire with our lifetime. Each flame brings us closer to our complete
enlightenment. This reading will tell you what the seven flames are; how may you
currently have; which one you are currently working to acquire; how well you are doing in
acquiring it; and suggestions from your spirit teachers and guides on how to improve your
ability to get it.  Cost: $40

Seven Keys & Seven Flames Combo Reading: Get both Seven Keys and Seven Flames
readings -  Cost: $70

Spiritual Growth/Guidance Reading: This reading is for those or you who want
direction on your Spiritual Growth and your Life Path. This reading will bring messages
from your teachers, guides, Master teachers and Spirit Band as they work to direct your
Spiritual Life. They will address the question: What do I need to know right now in my life
for my Spiritual Growth?  Cost: $50

Spirit Contact Reading: This reading allows you to receive contact from loved ones and
friends in the Spirit World; if they are awake, not earthbound, and want to communicate
with you. In order to contact your loved ones, you must leave:  their name, their
relationship to you, and the year they passed in the comment box on the payment page.
You may leave up to three different loved ones/friends you would like to hear from.  
      Cost: $60

Past Life Reading: This reading is for those wishing to explore their past lives and their
karmic path. This reading will explore up to 3 of your past lives and how they are
karmically tied together. Explore these past lives to recognize if the karma is still playing
out in your current life and/or if any of the people from the past may be present now.        
Cost: $70

Book of Life Reading: This reading by Daniel - the keeper of the Books of Life from the
Akashic Records reveals the key to your life purpose, your past lives and their current
influences and the karmic themes for this life time. Cost: $75

***Please leave your full name in 'Note to Pamla' on the Review Payment Page***

Aura Reading: An aura reading will cover the following: the right side of the aura reveals
your spiritual path; the left side of the aura reveals your physical path; in and around the
head reveals your thought force; in and around the chest area reveals the emotional aura;
specifically the aura reveals blockages along the path, health related information, clearings
needed to be made, and life changing information for growth in all areas of your life.    
Cost: $60

Mapping Your Spirit Band: This reading will map your spirit band and help you in the
discovery of who is working with you from the world of spirit. Find out the name and
description of each of the following, as well as receiving a message from each one: Your
Main Guide, Guardian, Chemist, Spirit Doctor, Joy Guide, Door Keeper, Native
American, Master Teacher, Philosopher, Your Teachers and Guides.                                    
Cost: $120

Gift Certificates: Any of the above Email Readings, as well as In-Person Readings, Phone
Readings, Classes, Past Life Regressions, Gallery Readings, Trance Sessions, Books,
DVDs, or Astrology Charts may be purchased as a gift for family members or friends:
Place the name of person the Certificate is for and your name & email address  in the   
'Note to Pamla'  box on the PayPal purchase page.    Once purchased, a numbered
Certificate will be emailed to the buyer to present to the recipient.  The recipient will then
simply present the Certificate number directly to to order what
they want.  Certificates will be honored for up to one year of date of purchase.                    
Cost: To order exact dollar amount - please adjust Quantity ordered in PayPal
Order Summary Page and click Update - ( Item Price is $1.00 ) .                                   
(More Information )         

***Write questions and information in 'Note to Pamla' on the Review Payment Page***

Email Reading Specials: From time to time Specials will be run for different readings –
the specials will be displayed on this website, on my myspace site, and through email
announcements. If you would like to be on the email announcement list, please send your
name and email address through this website or to Pamla directly at
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