Pamisms - Words of Wisdom for my Students
especially when I am teaching, so that they could have them all in one place instead of throughout all
of their notes. So, here they are:
By Pamla Ashlay-McPherson

Up Until Now - The three most important words in the English language; if you add these
three words to the end of any sentence that you say or think that is negative or stops or
blocks your growth for one year; you will change your entire life. Example: I can’t spell well,
up until now.

Try - It is important to remove these words from your vocabulary, especially the word
try…trying is an illusion, it is like fog; you know it exists even through you can not grab a
hold of it; every time you try, you will fail; you either do it or don’t do it; you can not try.
Example: try to pick up a pen. You either picked it up or you did not.

Create your life don’t Control it… - Control belongs to the ego and it will defeat you, as
it makes you doubt your own abilities; creating your life allows you to recognize that you
are the co-creator with life and your own energy (aura) is the magnet that will bring what you
want into your life.

What you fear the most comes upon you…another great truth… - Truer words have
never been spoken. Because our energy works like a magnet, if our focus is on our fears, we
will draw them to you. Ask any woman that has been raped, what was your greatest fear in

You can not fear what you do not know, as you do not know if you should fear it… -
The greatest fear of any person is of the unknown and yet we do not know if we should be
afraid of it; the solution to this problem is to get information. By informing yourself you will
remove the fear before you go into the situation. It is your responsibility to make sure you
are informed.

When you play “what is” instead of “what if” you will be where you need to be in
life… - Too many people use up way too much energy on the “what ifs” in life; energy that
would be much better spent on what is happening and finding the solutions to the real
problem at hand. It is much like our mothers said when they told us “don’t borrow trouble.”
It is important to stay present.

Be Responsible - Taking responsibility for your life is merely responding to your abilities.
People are afraid to respond to their own abilities out of a fear of failure (see above about

The God in me is loving the God in you… - People address each other from the part of
themselves that has been programmed by this earth life; they forget they are spirit first
encased in a body and when we address each other from our spirit to their spirit we speak
greater truths. So, the next time someone is yelling or upset; be still; and in your head repeat
over and over, “the God in me is loving the God in you” and they will stop; as it will bring
them to a greater truth without realizing it.

The Mirror Theory - What I see in you is in me; every person is a reflection of ourselves;
so when we see behaviors in others we like or even dislike we must step back and ask
ourselves what about it is speaking to me and what is it telling me about myself.

You are Spirit first encased in a body… - We must always keep in mind that our Spirit is
our true self and we must allow that part of our self lead the way in our life; out thoughts,
emotions, and physical body are all a part of the earth and are programmed by the earth;
only our Spirit belongs to life; is life; that is the part that should lead…

With Ease God…With Ease… - Life with ease; each day we should rise to face the new
day and ask God that our day come before us with ease; knowing we are the creator and we
draw to us with out thoughts, feelings and beliefs; it is just as easy to believe that life comes
with ease, than it is difficult.

I am moving through my day being in the right place at the right time, saying and
doing the right thing all of the time... - Once again, we are the creator of our reality; why
not bring the ease to our selves by affirming that we are always doing the right thing for our
highest and greatest good for all concerned.

I ask for the highest and greatest good for all concerned… - It is important we ask for
the highest and greatest good for all concerned in every situation. We can never assume we
know what is for another’s or our selves for that matter, what is for the greatest good; we
must also recognize there are usually others involved in the situation; therefore all concerned.

Ask once and ask no more - When you ask through prayer or meditation; ask once and ask
no more; if you continue to ask repeatedly, you are merely saying that you doubt that you
are being heard or that life will respond to you.

I am standing in the white light of TRUTH and it is granting me protection - It is
important to realize that each of us has a limited view of God based on our own
understanding and perceptions. Therefore, it is important we stand in the light of truth,
which is greater than any our limited understanding.

The light of truth precedes me on my path - Life will be easier if you ask the light of truth
to precede you on your path to light the way; it will allow you to know you are in the right

Never Expect anything; Accept everything - Expectation leads to disappointment;
acceptance brings you peace; even if you have to accept a challenge in life; at least when you
accept it you know what you are dealing with and can move toward a solution.

Challenges or Opportunities - Perception is a strong thing in our lives and will determine
how we handle what life deals out for us through our creating processes; making things a
challenge does not leave an open door for living life we ease. Sometimes even opportunities
seem a bit uphill at times, but by accepting the opportunity we can at least start the climb.

Thoughts create Beliefs that manifest Realities - And that is the truth!! We are on this
earth to realize our ability to create and that the process of creating begins with a single
thought. Thoughts are things and they have the power to create. You have all heard “be
careful what you think…. you may get it.”

There is no evil…only ignorance - People make choices based on what they know;
ignorant people sometimes make poor choices; choices to do things that are sometimes
labeled as evil; it is our job on this earth to help our brothers and sisters by bringing them
information to lift them up and show them another way of doing life…. share your

You can not give away what you do not own - Therefore own your feelings so that you can
deal with them. They will continue to block you in life until you deal with them. Denial will
not make them go away; it will only push them deeper inside so that they can fester and
bring physical harm to your body.

Friends and Money are the same; you can always get more - There are millions of
people out in life who would love to be your friend, so don’t worry if some leave your life as
you all grow and change on your journey of becoming who you are; you can always make
new friends, probably more than you want sometimes; and money, there is all the money in
the world to be had if you are willing to work for it.

I love myself as God loves me…. - So many of us have a hard time (up until now) loving
ourselves; so the above affirmation will change how we think, feel and believe about our
selves; it will elevate our energy and our lives; it will allow us to become who we are meant
to be.

May God grant you peace on your journey, for all journeys are one journey… - We are
all going to the same place, so we may as well help each other along the way; thank you for
the part of the journey you chose so I could learn through your experiences.

This is my body; my body is God’s body; it belongs to me; all other energy take a
blessing and leave… - Each day we take on other people’s energy as we move in and out of
oneness with each other. Sometimes the energy can be reflected through physical pain,
emotional upsets such as mood swings; or take hold of our thoughts. The above exercise will
clear your energy.

This is my house; my house is God’s house; it belongs to me; all other energy take a
blessing and leave… - This is a good exercise for clearing the energy in your home. It can
also be used for your office or work space or any other place you feel needs clearing.
Remember energy is absorbed by natural materials such as wood; so your home can be
holding old energy, especially if there was an emotional impact behind the energy.

Good Morning Soul…Who am I - Good Morning God - Stay in touch with your “inside
self”; the true essence of who you are by addressing your soul each day and asking it to
acknowledge it’s presence in your life. This exercise will instantly bring you back to the
center of yourself and bring the recognition of your connection to your source into your

The Universal Energy moves through me, not from me… - This is an important
affirmation to ensure you are always being a channel for the energy of life and you are not
using your own life force energy while extending care to another.

Every question has an answer attached to it; learn to ask the proper questions.  - Not
only is it important to ask the proper questions, but it is equally important to be still and
hear the answer; remember the first response is always the truth; don’t second guess
yourself or your spirit guides/teachers. Take the first response.

Being Spiritual is Simple; it is who you are; don’t complicate life by putting rules on
how your Spirit should be… - Your Spirit knows what it needs to do and be; all of these
techniques for how to be spiritual are unnecessary; just be true to yourself always….

If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it… - Your spirit is constantly telling you what is best for
you in your life; it will speak to you through your feelings; therefore only do things that feel
right to you and you will always be where you need to be.

Meditation is the Key to all Worlds - Meditation gives the spirit world the opportunity to
make an appointment with you and meet with you to advance your growth. Meditation
should be simple; a quiet time alone to allow your thoughts to wonder through life…there is
no right or wrong way to meditate so find the way that works for you; maybe it is a moving
meditation like taking a walk.

You are not developing your Psychic Skills or becoming Spiritually Aware or Raising
your Consciousness; you are simply Remembering what you already knew. - Your
soul/spirit knows everything; there is nothing it does not know; all you have to do is ask it;
you are a part of all there is and that is the truth; when you allow yourself to be who you
are; you will remember; once you remember you will act on what you know and your life
will change….

If you say you can’t, you can’t - You have the power to create your life by simply knowing
you have the power to create your life….now, go create…

You choose your birth and you choose your death and everything in between before
you are ever born; if you don’t like what you chose, change it; you have freewill… -
The most important power we were given is our freewill; if you are not using your freewill
to change things in your life; then you can only blame yourself…

You can blame your parents for who you are, but you can only blame yourself if you
stay that way… - The most important words of wisdom I have ever heard. Thank you Ted.