Phone Readings

1)        All Phone Readings will have to be prepaid through the website – no exceptions

2)        A 48 hour cancellation notice will be in effect for a refund or reschedule,
except in the case of an emergency

3)        You will have to email to make an appointment

4)        For Phone Readings, leave your phone number in your email and I will call you at the  
appointed day and time – in the USA – other countries will have to call in after appointment
is made.

5)        The cost will be $2.00 per minute in 15 minute increments

6)        When your time is done, the reading is done

7)        I will not do readings for anyone calling in to me without previous approval
- no exceptions

8)        No refunds or reschedules will be given if you do not answer and/or call at
the appointed time
Now Available - Phone Readings by Pamla Ashlay McPherson

Many have asked if I would consider doing Phone Readings. I have given it great thought for over a
year and have decided I would consider it, but there will have to be some rules.

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15 Min. = $30           30 Min. = $60        45 Min. = $90        60 Min. = $120

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