offers a variety of classes, workshops, private readings, trance sessions and much more.
Voice of Spirit

Private Readings: Pamla is available for private readings by appointment only. Pamla
uses her psychic and mediumship abilities to share insights with her clients. Pamla is
clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, sees auras, has x-ray clairvoyance and is a full trance
medium. Pamla will discuss the future with clients with the understanding that all futures
are probably, based on current circumstance and subject to change, if the circumstances
change. No reader is ever 100% accurate, as everyone has free-will. It is the responsibility
of the sitter to take the information and then make the choices they feel are right for them.

Past Life Regression: Pamla is available to private session for Multi-Level Past Life
Regression by appointment. The session last approximately two hours and will explore at
least one past life, if not more. This is a light hypnosis method and clients are asked to
come to the session with an open mind. There is no absolute proof that past lives exists,
but there also is no absolute proof they do not, so each person will have to decide for

Seminars & Workshops: Currently Pamla has posted the summer workshops as a
starting place for the Voice of Spirit. She is requesting your input on topics for future
seminars and workshops. Currently schedules are being prepared for workshops on
meditation and natural law. Please email your topic ideas to Pamla for consideration.

Life Coaching: Living brings one a lot of information on what to do and not to do in life.
Experience is our greatest teacher. Through over fifty years of experience and attendance at
numerous classes, workshops, seminars, and continues study, Pamla has learned a lot
about, “As I think, feel, & believe, so shall I Be, for I will draw it to me.” So often we are
not aware of the subtle ways we think, feel and believe. We ignore the signs we are given
that seemed to push us in a different direction in life. We stop trusting ourselves and let
ourselves be led by others, the world, and public thought. Learn to take control of your
life, by being personally responsible for your actions, your thoughts, and your words.
Thoughts are things, and they create. What are you creating in your life? Would you like
some ideas on how to do it differently. Private sessions available by appointment.

Table Tipping & Physical Phenomena: Scheduled for Sundays once per month.

Home Galleries / Reading Parties: Book a Gallery Reading or Reading Party at your
home. Call or email for more information or to schedule now.

Book Sales: Pamla has authored five books to date. The books will be available at all
events for purchase and will be added to the website soon.
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